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From Chairman of The Board

ERNA Group of Companies’ history dates back to the first decade of the Republic of Turkiye, to 1930, when our grandfathers Hacı Mehmet EKSI and Muharrem EKSI established their business in a small commercial shop in Istanbul, Eminonu.

As our father Mehmet Cemal EKSI and his borther Celal EKSI joined them, the family business made a headway in paper and plastic packaging trade.

By 1970, the land development sector had proven itself as the driving force of the national economy, and the 40 years of experince in business encouraged the founders to go into this booming industry.

By the time I have received my M.D. degree, and my brother Ercihan EKSI completed his studies as a Civil Engineer, we were handed down the management of the family business which had already grown into an important construction company of its period. In 1979, our construction company was renamed as ERNA Construction and Trade Inc., and in a short time we have added the construction of 43 industrial buildings 7000 residences in our portfolio.

Soon after, ERNA Durable Goods Ltd. was founded to manufacture and market household type kitchen appliances, and our products were being exported mainly to Bulgaria, Iraq, France and Russia. We have also established ERNA Energy, which is active in the fields of alternative energies and renewable energy sources.

We have also been present in the tourism industry with Gokceada Tourism, and in the insurance industry with ERNA Insurance. We have inherited not only a successful business, but also a work ethic from our forefathers; an ethic that demands challenges and thrives on difficulties, an ethic that helps us make it to the top of our business as lawful citizens of our country.

We are confident that our presence in tourism, construction, energy and industrial production will grow and expand even further.

We are proud to be amongst the many who have contributed to this nation and its economy.

Dr. K. Naci EKŞİ
Chairman Of The Board